Meets with young men from a local correctional institution on a weekly basis to go over sections of the GED test as well as discuss other topics more generally. 

  • GED: General Educational Development test, once passed is equivalent to a high school diploma.

  • Tutoring involves one-on-one and small group work as well as group discussion around a variety of topics.

GED Tutoring

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Our Direct Service Programs

Leads a weekly seminar-style discussion group with  young men at a local correctional institution. Intended for advanced learning after the high school or GED level.

Lesson plans have included:

  • Poetry from Emily Dickinson to Kendrick Lamar

  • Excerpts from major Supreme Court cases

  • Contemporary art and protest tactics

  • Manson student-led topics

Post-GED Discussion Group

A weekly discussion with young men at a local correctional institution about current events or other topics that are of interest to them

Lesson plans have included:

  • The stock market and changes in the economy

  • Artificial intelligence developments

  • Trump's America

Current Events Discussion

One-on-one GED tutoring as part of a class hosted by Project MORE, a reentry organization close to Yale’s campus.

  • Some (but not all) students are recently justice-involved

  • No background checks required

  • Week-to-week consistency is essential

Project MORE


Meet with young men from a local correctional institution on a weekly basis to foster relationships.

  • Week-to-week consistency is essential.

  • Build a strong relationship, be an outlet, show up for the person consistently.

  • The program is an extension of the Men’s Mentoring program with Family ReEntry, a community reentry organization 


Mentoring Group

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