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Report on the

YPD's Activity

In collaboration with BSDY

and COGs with contributions

from EJC, RCCS, and BLSA,

YUPP's 45-page report on the Yale Police Department. 

analyzes data from YPD's own crime logs, call logs and

the FBI's crime reporting program.

The report details the YPD's focus on property and assets, the departments 

 inefficiency even by their own standards, and indicates their irrelevance to the safety of the Yale and New Haven community. 


Throughout YUPP's history of advocacy and direct service, we have produced multiple informational and advocacy tool kits. We encourage anyone, not just our members, to utalize these documents.

yupp Advocacy

tool Kit

Protect Incarcerated People from COVID-19

Our Community and Advocacy Partners

YUPP's Advocacy structure is designed to support the efforts of community organizations, advocates, and activists, who have continued to do this work. Below you can find the websites of our community partners. We encourage you to support their work!


Here we've compiled articles and op-eds written by and featuring YUPP members and our work. Here you can also find various articles by and about our community partners and their work. 

YDN: Abolition Alliance at Yale releases report on Yale Police Department activity (2021)

CT Post: "Pushing to 'ban the box'" 

Op-ed by Yupp member Elizabeth cordova (2021)

YDN: Justice Impact Movement: YCC call on Yale to ‘ban the box’ in admissions (2021)

YDN: Mourning Our Losses and Yale Undergraduate Prison Project host vigil mourning detention center death (2020)

the washington post: Advocates, inmates memorialize ‘overlooked’ lives lost to coronavirus behind bars (2020)

the washington post: Advocates, inmates memorialize ‘overlooked’ lives lost to coronavirus behind bars (2020)

YDN: Mourning Our Losses honors over 2,800 lives lost behind bars during the pandemic (2021)

YDN: Gender Justice

and Abolition event (2020)

YUPP Events

Below you can find recorded events, such as teach-ins and webinars, put on by YUPP. Many are in collaboration with our community partners and other student organizations.

Cage Free cannabis: From equity to economic justice - ft. robert chala 

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